Dental Crowns and Bridges

Restore Your Smile & Oral Health!

Rebuild Your Smile Using Dental Crowns & Bridges in Waco

Waco dental crowns and bridges give our dentists here at Starr General Dentistry many ways to restore our patients’ smiles. If you’re tired of putting up with the discomfort of failing teeth or the embarrassment of missing teeth, we would love to help you. Over our 46 years of dental practice, we’ve enabled thousands of patients to enjoy beautiful, functional smiles again. With our help, you also can:

  • Show others a full, genuine, confident smile
  • Look healthier, younger, and more successful
  • Eat and enjoy a wider range of foods again
  • Speak more plainly so you don’t have to repeat yourself
  • Improve your oral health and overall health
  • Aid your digestion through more complete chewing
  • Improve your self-esteem

Get your smile back using dental crowns and dental bridges. Call Starr General Dentistry today at 254-401-0129 to schedule an appointment. Be sure to ask about our sedation options if you’re nervous about your dental care. Join our reduced-fee membership plan to save at least 25 percent on your dental restorations.

Crowns & Bridges Give You an Assortment of Smile Repair Options

Crowns and bridges are some of the most versatile dental restorations we have. They offer you a variety of ways to regain a complete smile. If you’re struggling with missing or damaged teeth, you owe it to yourself to find out more. Below are some of our most popular treatments using a dental crown or dental bridge:

  • Single Crown For Repair – With the capability of our in-house E4D design and milling system, we can make a new crown for you right here using CAD/CAM technology. You won’t have to wait for it to be shipped in. No temporary crown or second trip to our office is needed. Your crown will cap a damaged tooth to strengthen it and prevent further problems.
  • Standard Fixed Bridge – Your bridge will span the gap left behind by missing teeth. It will anchor on either end to your other teeth and contain one or more replacement teeth in the middle. Biting and chewing will be much easier, plus you’ll have more confidence with a complete smile.
  • Implant-Supported Crown – Your dentist will insert a dental implant where you have a tooth missing. After a healing period of a few months, we’ll attach a beautiful new crown to the top, giving you a complete replacement tooth and restoring your chewing capacity.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge – This style of bridge is similar to a fixed bridge in its function. However, it anchors using two or more dental implants rather than your teeth. It should give you several years of trouble-free service.
  • All-on-4® and All-on-6 – We can anchor a full bridge of fixed teeth using just four or six implants per arch. The implants will be precisely placed, and two of them will be angled to provide maximum stability and support. Enjoy a complete set of teeth that don’t require removal for cleaning each day.

If your mouth isn’t working the way it should, Waco dental crowns and bridges from Starr General Dentistry can help. Call us today at 254-401-0129 to make an appointment. Or schedule online for more convenience.

Common Questions About Dental Crowns and Bridges

Why would I get a dental crown?

Dental crowns are primarily used for restorative dentistry, but they also can have cosmetic benefits. We have created crowns for patients with broken teeth, cracked teeth, decayed teeth, and worn-down teeth. We have paired a crown with a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, and crowns can transform discolored and misshapen teeth as well.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a dental restoration used to replace missing teeth. These bridges are built by fusing dental crowns together. Traditional bridges are bonded to nearby teeth, which have been reshaped to act as abutments for the bridge. If you are missing multiple teeth, you also can get an implant-supported bridge. We’re happy to answer any questions so you can get the right bridge for your needs.

Should I get a dental crown or bridge?

If you need to repair a tooth, you should probably get a crown. If you are missing multiple teeth, we may recommend getting a bridge. If you are missing a single tooth, you have the option of getting a dental crown with a dental implant or a traditional bridge.