Gum Disease Treatment Regain Healthy Pink Gums
  • Stop gum disease before it damages your smile
  • Eliminate sore, bleeding gums
  • Save money with our in-house reduced-fee plan

Revive Your Oral Health With Waco Gum Disease Treatment

Naturally you want the best, most beautiful smile possible. You may not realize it, but gum disease often doesn’t show any symptoms in the early stages. It could be lurking in your mouth right now, potentially wreaking havoc on your smile. Our Waco gum disease treatment can help you:

  • Rid your mouth of tartar and infection
  • Make mealtimes more comfortable
  • Enjoy peace of mind about your oral health
  • Stop bleeding gums when you brush or floss
  • Improve your breath
  • Make your smile more attractive

If you suspect you might need treatment for your gums, give Starr General Dentistry a call today at 254-401-0129 to schedule an appointment. Our expert team is here to help you enjoy optimal oral health!

Treat Your Gums to Outstanding Care

For more than four decades, our family-oriented dental practice has served the needs of our patients. We’ve helped thousands of people achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. One of the treatments that we have often used to improve our patients’ smiles is gum disease therapy.

We use a “deep cleaning” technique involving scaling and root planing:

  • Your dentist will use special tools to remove (or scale) built-up plaque, tartar, and bacteria from beneath and around your gumline. Pockets of infection can build up under the gumline as gum disease progresses. This technique will help minimize these pockets.
  • We’ll smooth (or plane) your teeth roots so that bacteria have a more difficult time collecting there. Less bacteria means healthier gums.
  • We may need to repeat this treatment every few months if you’re prone to gum disease. If you join our in-house reduced-fee plan, you can save at least 25 percent on your scaling and root planing treatment.

We keep your treatment comfortable with a gentle touch and local anesthesia. However, you can also receive dental sedation if you’d like.

If you need gum disease treatment in Waco, turn to the experts at Starr General Dentistry for help. Call us today at 254-401-0129 to schedule an appointment, or make one online.

Common Questions About Gum Disease Treatment

What are symptoms of gum disease?

Some people experience sore or tender gums, but it’s also true that many people never feel pain as a result of a gum infection. Red, swollen gums and gums that bleed when you brush or floss are common signs of a periodontal infection. As the disease gets worse, you may have soreness. You also may feel like your teeth are loose, and you may notice lingering bad breath.

Is gum disease treatment painful?

It does not need to be, and we do everything that we can to keep our patients as comfortable as possible. Our team can help you get cozy with blankets and pillows. In addition to local anesthetic, we also can provide you with dental sedation. This helps to keep you calm and to block you from feeling pain during your periodontal care.

What is gum disease treatment?

At Starr General Dentistry, we perform a two-part procedure called scaling and root planing. Scaling is similar to what we will do during a regular dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar. With gum disease, we are removing that buildup from the roots of your teeth. Root planing is done to smooth the surface of your roots, which helps your gums reattach and reduces your risk of reinfection.