This Spring, you may be planning to clean up your home. Many people use this as an opportunity to get their house back in order after a year of activity.

It’s also a good time to schedule a dental checkup at Starr General Dentistry. Here are a few reasons you should plan to visit our Waco, TX office.

Tidy Up

During Spring cleaning, people will remove unwanted items from their homes. During a dental cleaning, we take away plaque and tartar buildup.

Protect Your Smile

You can make it easier to maintain your smile with dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Individually and together, they make your teeth more resistant to harmful bacteria and stronger.

Brighten Your Smile

To make your smile look even nicer, get rid of the stains with professional teeth whitening.

Schedule your visit soon! Call 254-401-0129 or schedule online to request an appointment at Starr General Dentistry in Waco, TX.