Cavities happen, and when they do, we can fix them with tooth fillings at Starr General Dentistry. In fact, more than 90 percent of people will have at least one cavity during their lives. Knowing this, we want you to consider some important benefits of dealing with decay quickly.

Fillings Can Prevent Bigger Problems

When left unchecked, decay can lead to tooth infections and tooth loss.

Fillings Can Strengthen Your Teeth

Decay weakens the structure of your tooth. By getting a filling you can restore the strength of a damaged tooth.

Fillings Can Revive Your Smile

Modern fillings can be made with a composite resin that matches that natural color of your smile.

Fillings Can Protect Your Teeth

In addition to restoring your smile, fillings can reduce your risk of recurring decay in the affected teeth.

Whenever possible, we want to help you prevent tooth decay at our Waco, TX dental practice. However, if you do develop a cavity, turn to us as soon as you can to treat it can get your smile back on track. Call 254-401-0129 or contact us online to request an appointment soon.