In Texas, we love our sports. You probably have some athletes in your family, and you love seeing them smile after a game. To protect those winning smiles, be sure they are wearing custom athletic mouthguards whenever they practice or compete. We would be happy to make mouthguards for your budding sports stars at our office.

Stay in the Game

Everyone knows that injuries are a possibility when someone is playing sports. Wearing a mouthguard makes athletes 60 times less likely to suffer a dental injury, such as a broken or lost tooth, according to the American Dental Association.

Better Fit Means Better Protection

Your car has a seat belt to help reduce your risk of injury in the event of an accident. Professional drivers use five-point harnesses both because of the potential hazards of their driving conditions and because they offer a more custom fit. In a similar way, custom mouthguards provide more security than the bulky, mass-produced mouthguards found in stores.

Comfortable Mouthguards are More Likely to be Worn

Of course, mouthguards only help if athletes actually wear them. A custom mouthguard is smaller than store-bought options. As a result, a custom mouthguard is more comfortable and less likely to cause problems, like inhibiting breathing or inferring with drinking water during breaks.

Have your sports stars ready to take the field or the court. Call 254-401-0129 or contact us online to get your family’s mouthguards at Starr General Dentistry in Waco, TX.